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October 25th, 2013

03:08 am - ano na..?
I can feel myself changing.. from good to bad... and I hated it!....

I don't even know if I'm really changing... maybe I'm being transformed from bad to baddest...

BOTTOMLINE: I don't care...
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June 14th, 2012

04:14 am - dito ako uuwi
Still here.

waiting for words to enter my mind..
having second thoughts of what to write..
watching them come and go..

I swallowed every piece of it
thrown each bitter thoughts..

I still can't find the drive on
how to write again.

my story.
for my journal.
from me.
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February 4th, 2012

08:35 am - two years.. two pages.. welcome home!

It was written last May 15 2011 – completed and posted just TODAY!

May 15 2011



My last entry was last November 10 2009..

It’s already 2011 2012 and it feels like its just two days had passed. A LOT of things went on in just a little glance of time.

Here it goes.

Are you ready? GAME!

January 2010

Board Exam and with the help of Our so Almighty God I did passed! :-)Me and my pare got lucky on our exam.. 

March 10 2010

I started working on Manson Drug.. I’ve learned a lot.. and ended working there last August 25 2010..

Amazing! Such a short time experience.. but still I am grateful to have the opportunity working with  those people / strangers that became my friends. :) 

July 2010

My sister decided to work abroad. Africa baby. Kinda far and uhm.. far.. it is far…… we will miss her a lot.. aw.. miss her again.. :( 

Forgot the month 2010

I had my surgery for repairing my lips.. hmmmm.. kinda life changing but not really.. I felt the change for a year and I think it came back again.. It is now obvious again if you’ll stare at me.. maybe God wants me to accept His given features.. 


recent picture

January 2011

After contributing to be one of the jobless person in the country, finally I’ve started working at Mercury Drug of course as a Pharmacist. Thanked God! Well, it is not really a dream career after all but it made me realized that whatever field you choose, how much you are earning in your job as long as you are enjoying it and embracing it (naks!) dude, kelangan mo mag trabaho! :D hehehe.. of course, it wasn’t really a smooth one but given the grace to start your new life (again) grab it baby!

March 2011

Hmmmm.. not a good month,… my dearest and only grandma alive passed away.. that really breaks my heart. It’s very painful to my side because I witnessed every pain she had before God took her away… I missed her every day, every single thing that reminds me of her. God knows that I did everything to keep her, but I guess it’s just about time to let her rest and be with our Creator. :’(

*tears there darling.. 

Moving on.. I’ve met and had another characters in my life… I still have those people whose giving me reasons to continue loving this life.. I thanked the Lord every day for every blessing, every happiness, and every trial and every pain because I know that He wanted me to be complete.


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04:25 am - tadah!
I guess.. I'll see you tomorrow...

maybe later? :D
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June 13th, 2011

04:16 am - huy!
Dear LJ,



Gustong gusto ko na talagang iupdate to. hmmm.. kelan kaya???

(Nag post lang ako, baka kasi biglang mabura ang account ko.. I love this LJ! mwa :-*)
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November 10th, 2009

05:51 am - HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!

My birthday,..

Hmmm.. let’s see..


Attend the mass

Eat alone


Surf the net


Yun lang?


Ow, I heard that my dad and mom wanted to have a little salo-salo with my relatives here in Bulacan..


Hmmm… let’s see.

(I’ll just upload the photos when I have time… )

Current Mood: excitedexcited

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November 9th, 2009

05:49 am - Pre



We went to Pangasinan again.. with Tsina my cousin and Tita Linda.. The mass was sacred and WE had a great time dealing with those waves! I love Bonuan..

And watching the sunset there with your family is a two thumbs up experience!


Thank you God for letting me experience it with my family.. Thank YOU!


(I’ll just upload the photos when I have time… )

Current Mood: drainedpagod

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October 30th, 2009

05:14 am - BEAT IT!
 October 30 Today is Michael Jackson day.



Oooh! We watched This is it! And it’s an awesome concert!

 Too bad Mac didn't able to watch it.. haha!

Whoah.. I Love MJ! :)


Wait. Happy Birthday Lhen! God Bless!

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October 18th, 2009

07:17 am - Farewell?
 Tomorrow is the start of something that I’ve scared of – The Review.

I am half excited and half nervous about it. Actually I don’t know if I’m gonna make it or it would be just another ordinary ‘phase’ of my life… I want to be well prepared for the Board Exam and this is my only last chance.. I have no choice but to grab it and hug it and do my best.. Wooh.


So, I have to say goodbye.



12 hours of sleeping


LiveJournal (hmmm…)

FaceBook  (hah!)


Petiks Mode

Cardona Weekend

Bonding with Bulak

Watching TV

Shopping / Movies

Endless chatting


1 ½ hours in the bathroom

Beer (what?!)



Sound Trip


Hmmm.. does it sounds like I’m going to die? Haha!


Of course I’ll still have those things..  but of course a little less.. and hmm.. okay, I’ll control it as much as I can..




A big GOOD LUCK for me and a lot of PRAYERSSSSS..

: )


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Current Mood: scaredscared
Current Music: The Show - Lenka

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October 16th, 2009

09:58 am - ..continuation



I told to my mom what happened.. about my conversation with Jerico.


I didn’t know that she will react that way.. or am I already expecting her negative reaction towards that.. honestly, I really don’t know..



I have to admit that my family is really not in a good condition right NOW.. and being part of this family is really hard.. and through this I want to congratulate myself for being ALIVE right now.


I know that there are MUCH ironic things happening in this UNFAIR world..

‘Oh! I want to cry….. AGAIN! 

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03:45 am - Another sad scene...
 It’s really hard and hurtful to know (and see) that the world of the person you values has falling..

 Jerico and I talked earlier.. hmmm.. about an hour ago.. we talked about things that matter about his future, his  studies  - HIS LIFE.

“aayusin ko na talaga”


He always say it. Every time things like this happens, he always say that line.. it’s like a refrain from a song. And I don’t even see the progress or any effort from him that he will do his part..


I told him my feelings, my thoughts about his situation.. everything that I thought I have to say for  him.. actually, I want him to cry.. I want him to break his feeling so he can say everything that is bothering him.. I want to know what makes him so rebellious and do such childish things.. I know something is wrong but I want to come out right in his very own lips.. I can see some tears hanging in his eyes and I know that behind those tears, there is something that he wants to tell me…


And believe it or not… I know that my eyes widened, my heart pounds, sweats came out with just a single question from him.. (yes, you can imagined just like in the teleserye..)


“sino ba talaga nanay ko?” and he cried…


I just hugged him. : ‘ (

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October 8th, 2009

09:09 pm - House Chores

Well HELLo! It’s down syndrome mode again.. haha! I don’t know how to expliain it. It’s just at some point in my lame life, I became soOo quiet and just noy in the mood of interacting to other creatures..  Siguro naman hindi lang ako ang ganito, or am I really the one who feels it? Doomsday!


Anyway. Last night (Oct 8 2009) I had a chance to watch an online gig of Sponge Cola courtesy of Myxph.com! Yes naman! Haha..


I enjoyed the setlist especially when they sang Sa Bingit Ng Isang Paalam and Dragonfly. I really love that song(s)

And speaking of Dragonfly, I have a pet Dracosfly. HE is a dragonfly. Believe it or not I’ve identified its gender by simply looking at it for 28 seconds.. and sadly he only lived for 27 hours.. He died earlier :( …..

As I was saying earlier, I woke up today not having that mood to join the normal world. I just nod and sigh at each questions and conversations.. And at this moment I’ve realized that… I AM STUPID. Haha! I admit it, okay, so stop raising your eyebrows there.


I woke up 4:30am I think. Had my habit, plug in the comp and surf the net while eating the healthiest meal on Earth – Pancit Canton! Why? It’s my fav-O-rite eh. Then, after everyone left and did their commitment to the normal world, I started doing house chores! Oh, I love house chores! Especially when I AM ALONE. It’s easier for me to ‘clean’ da haus.. Nobody directs me to ‘o iakyat mo to’ ‘ilagay mo to dito’ ‘tapusin mo to’ – NO! Masyado ko naming kinarir ang pagiging mutsatsa no!

I defrost the fridge a.k.a frid-ji-der! Ya, see those blood like there at the corner? eeEEeeEeeWwwww! The Ice was so kapal like HIS face.. after struggling on that ice, I felt that a muscle grew at my left arm..  and down at my left thigh, I can feel that an arm grew somewhere..

While waiting for that ref to defrost itself.. I decided to eat a MEAL. Yes, even stupid creatures like me can cook ‘easy’ food. I decided to have my V.Luna Favorite Ordered Meal collectively known as TAPSILOG.




O ha! Anong say mo? In fairness! If I were to grade that.. hmmm..

PLUS: 10 points for effort! Haha.. having a total of 80! Yey! (served with Siomai from KapitBahay and Grape Juice from the defrosting Fridge.)


Awwwww… poor Bulak. That dog is my only companion in the house.. wala naming ginawa kundi humiga at mang asar.. hehe.. Love that dog!

After eating… after everthing.. I’ve finally accomplished something..


This is our house in a 'good mood'


Woo.. That’s it. That’s my day. I am productive, stupid, moody and ALOOF all at the same time! Beat that!


Next entry is about Anger (hmmm..)

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September 29th, 2009

10:38 pm - WOW


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September 27th, 2009

03:29 am - tone down..
Typhoon Ondoy hits the country. Everything was a mess. My relatives in Cardona and Tanay Rizal are a little affected but not so seriously. And I thanked God for that.


it’s really heartbreaking to look at this photos and also it’s painful to watch news nowadays.. I can’t help listening to those crying children who’ve lost their parents and valuable things.



Another help: Donations Drop Off points: Sct Bayoran cornoer Tomas Morato QC. Look for Girlie Aragon -or- Jet | 09167227806 09295348176

here's a list where you could send donations: www.lollinks.wordpress.com.

If u know ppl who are missing/at evac centers, pls add their names & contact info at this website:http://ateneotaskforceondoy.misa.org.ph/

NEW MANILA/SAN JUAN: donations accepted at Valencia Hills til 8am 9/30. Pls call Carlo Paguio 09175664367

RFM Gym (Pioneer) – donations being requested by GAWAD KALINGA. 63917-8888109 63917-8888304 

ABS-CBN needs volunteers Sept. 28, 29 & 30. Shifts 8AM-12NN; 1:00-5:00PM & 5:00-9:00PM. Call 924-4101 loc. 2603, 2579, 4759


For more information: http://www.pinoytumblr.com/post/199305892/impt-announcements


But there is one BIG help that you can give..



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September 13th, 2009

03:15 am - nangangapa...
 Well, I miss this LiveJournal.


Anyway, this entry is all about updating… The last entry was San Juan Kas Video. Last August 8, the San Juan Clan marks another history in the calendar. We attended the mass at Manaoag and enjoyed the beach at Dagupan.. that day was one of the most happiest,  momentous and outrageous day of my life (so far ha) and then the second half of the video is for the Despidida of Ate Erdeth and Kuya SeeJay. The two went home and spent their one month of vacation doing…. Nothing.. haha! I miss them and I missed them already, they went back to their respected countries again. Kuya seejay at Dubai and ate erdeth at Sudan.


Next, Tita aida bought another videoke! Haha! We even celebrated that one! How pathetic.


So much of that nothingness.. Since, everybody says that: I AM  SELFISH. Okay, let’s talk about MYSELF.

I’ve been reading the Pacop and Manor ReviewerSssSs… kinda toxic but I know and I hope this can help me on the battle next year.. (whew, may ganun?!) I had a haircut last July (tagal na) and it’s mahaba na ngayon. Hmmm.. what else?





The after? It’s useless to show it cause it grew again. But, I miss my hair.. my long boring hair.. haha!


Many things happened and I know that there are still lots of that… well, as long as everything matters, I am here. =)



Current Mood: cheerfulshould I?

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